Student Activities M.5.7 (Basic C-Language)

1. Power Point

2. Learning Sheet

3. Work Sheet

4. Dev C++ for Download


Learning Activities

1. Work sheet 3rd (No. 2) [November 28th, 2012 ] Clik here or Click here for students who submit and application to the list.

2. Work sheet 3rd (No. 3) [December 12th, 2012 ] Click here or Click here for students who submit an application to the list.

3. Activities C-Programming 2013 | Click here

4. Practice 1 [List]| Practice 2 [List]| Practice 3 [List]| Practice 4 [List]| Practice 5 [List]

5. Test 1 [Result]| Test 2 [Result]| Test 3 [Result]| Test 4 [Result]| Test 5 [Result]

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