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Teachers stated: Money is not the key motivator to create online video lessons

theLearnia’s survey: Money is not the first motivator for teachers to create online content. It comes after the desire to contribute their knowledge to the community. What are teachers’ preferences for e-learning?


The e-learning industry demands a significant amount of our time. More and more, teachers report an increase in technology usage in the classroom. But, at the end of the day, it takes time to create quality video lessons that students can use them outside of class and share them with their classmates.

The team of theLearnia, a free educational social network, tried to figure out what will cause teachers to upload more video lessons and share them with their students. Which platform do they prefer, and how much time are teachers willing to invest to create  high-quality content? Results are surprising, and we are happy to share with you what other teachers think about online education with the following statistics.


Are video lessons efficient tools for the younger generation?

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