Teachers stated: Money is not the key motivator to create online video lessons

theLearnia’s survey: Money is not the first motivator for teachers to create online content. It comes after the desire to contribute their knowledge to the community. What are teachers’ preferences for e-learning?


The e-learning industry demands a significant amount of our time. More and more, teachers report an increase in technology usage in the classroom. But, at the end of the day, it takes time to create quality video lessons that students can use them outside of class and share them with their classmates.

The team of theLearnia, a free educational social network, tried to figure out what will cause teachers to upload more video lessons and share them with their students. Which platform do they prefer, and how much time are teachers willing to invest to create  high-quality content? Results are surprising, and we are happy to share with you what other teachers think about online education with the following statistics.


Are video lessons efficient tools for the younger generation?

It seems that 67% of the teachers who responded think that video lessons are a very adequate way to teach the younger generation. 19% just don’t know, while 15% think it is not an adequate way to teach.

We have not asked the younger generation, but we will be sure to do so to see how well teachers really understand their students.

How many of you have ever created a video lesson?

While the majority of the responding teachers think that video lessons are an important part of e-learning, only 46% of them said they created at least one video lesson. More surprising was the fact that only 4% admit that the reason for not creating a lesson was the complexity of creating a video. Others (19%) said they did not have the time or willingness to create videos, but the majority of those who have not created video lessons said they did not find any need to do so (31%).

Online or offline tools?

58% prefer to use an online tool to create a video lesson. (Online tools mean that there is no need to install software.) 42% claimed they don’t see any advantage to using online tools.

It seems we might have missed with this question. Maybe it would be better to ask about paid software versus free online tools. In that case, we might see more clear results.

With all due respect for tablets…

Teachers still prefer to create video lessons with a PC or a laptop (83%) compared to those who reported using tablets (17%). We were very happy about these results, as theLearnia’s whiteboard is designed for a PC/Laptop platform.

What will motivate you to create a video lesson and share it?

That was the key question in our survey. We provided options and allowed more than one answer. Some teachers identified  all the options we provided, which makes sense because we already knew the main reasons for teachers to upload lessons.

But the results are still surprising.

The number one motivator for teachers to upload a video lesson is: “Contribution of my knowledge to the community (Giving back to the community)” (34% of the votes).

Next came the opportunity for additional income (26% of the votes).
The third motivator was the need for teachers to be recognized as experts in their field (22% votes).
Only 18% wrote that they would be motivated to create video lessons in order to develop their lecturing skills.

Willing to invest the time to create video lessons, but “don’t push us too much” 

Many teachers are willing to invest their time to create quality content. 60% reported that they are willing to invest up to one hour to create a short video lesson (5-10 minutes long).

If we rephrase the question to “How many of you are willing to invest no more than half an hour for a 5-10 minute long video?” the numbers goes up sharply to 87%.

theLearnia whiteboard enables teachers to prepare a video lesson in less than half an hour, and it’s usually faster than that.

Selling courses – “You can count on us”

We wanted to know if many teachers would be willing to create a course that will cover a specific topic and will include 10 lessons, each 5-10 minutes long. This course could be sold to students afterwards. 79% said they would create such course. 25% of those 79% said they would only create a lesson if it would be technically easy for them to do so. The other 21% of voters prefer to teach private lesson in the traditional way.

Are you willing to take the risk with theLearnia? 

As a new social network we were interested  in solving the chicken and egg puzzle. We asked: “Will you be willing to start creating a course without knowing how many students will purchase it?” 75% said: “Yes, this is a calculated risk I’m willing to take and it might pay off for me,” while 25% said: “No, I may invest my time for free.”


While most teachers agreed to invest the time to create quality video lessons which are adequate for the younger generation, their preferences were clear: It should have a fast turnaround, not be too technically complex to create, and use a PC/laptop platform. Increased income was the second most important factor for teachers.

About theLearnia:

theLearnia’s Online whiteboard addresses all the above needs. It is a free, online tool, it makes it easy to create and share videos, and it was developed with PC/Laptop users in mind. theLearnia will soon offer teachers the ability to gain money from home in their free time using the whiteboard.

Now it’s time to create short video lessons and share them for free with students. You’ll be amazed how many students watch your lessons. The more fans you have, the more options to increase your income you will get.

Upload your first video lesson today to engage with your students and gain followers!

** The survey was conducted by theLearnia company, and was distributed among our community members. The community members consist of public school teachers, private tutors, principals and other educational leaders. 192 people filled out the survey with a max marginal error of 4%.

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